Handbag Museum and Afternoon Tea

Last Friday Titan and I packed ourselves off to the Handbag Museum. He wouldn’t let me go without him! He made a lot of new friends from the staff of the Museum!


Both Titan and I were disappointed that we couldn’t show you the inside of the Museum, but no photographs are allowed to be taken of it’s amazing exhibits.

So we left the Museum, and went for a wander.


How cool are these gnomes?!?


You see, I’d recently posted the blog’s 200th post, and as it’s been going for nearly 3 years now, I thought that was a reason to celebrate! So I headed over to my favourite macaron shop Poptasi Pastry in order to buy something to celebrate with.


It’s rather difficult to make a selection when the range is this good! But the staff are always willing to help!


My final choices were joined on the table with my favourite marinated cucumber sandwiches, and smoked salmon and improved cream cheese sandwiches.


And it just wouldn’t be Holland without ham and cheese on heavy brown bread!


Final touch was the T2 Blue Mountain tea. Not a bad spread if I do say so myself!


Though of course, I managed to forget to take a final shot with the teapot sitting proudly on it’s warmer! Oh well. I’m sure you can imagine it.

Now anyone for tea?

6 thoughts on “Handbag Museum and Afternoon Tea

  1. OMG – I didn’t know you had the blog for 3 years – I really must go back and read up! Love the photos…and those sandwiches are making me sooo hungry….

  2. What’s the story of the gnomes around the tree? I wonder if it is a site of pilgrimage for garden gnomes, hence the large crowd? πŸ˜‰

    Looks like a lovely wander!

    1. Just someone who lives in the nearby apartment making the most of the only garden they have. We have an equivalent up the street from us. People just adopt the dirt around street trees and plant their own gardens in them, complete with gnomes! πŸ™‚

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