Today’s Table

Today’s table has more painting.


But may have been interrupted by the first snow of 2013. This is our backyard!


Everything looks so clean and white!

Unlike the (laughable) blizzard back at the beginning of December, that snow began falling last night and hasn’t really let up since! It’s gotten lighter, and heavier at times, but I may actually get a decent covering and finally be able to make my snow minions ala Calvin!

If only Himself weren’t too unwell with the office lurgy to assist me! So I left him to his lurgy while I went off to tour the canals! Aren’t they stunning?


And this.


The locals seemed to notice not a jot!


I found a picture once on Pinterest of this being done, and promised myself that the next time there was enough snow, I’d put “Cars” eyes on a car.


Close enough!

PS – My new snow boots and 18 year old ski jacket are the awesomest things I currently own, besides my camera 😉

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