Christmas Canal Parade

We went to the Canal Parade on Saturday night which was wending its way down the Prinsengracht.


It was on as part of the Amsterdam Light Festival which is on at the moment.


We positioned ourselves at the bottom of the Negen Straatjes hoping to get a good position from which to see.


The initial rain shower was disconcerting, but it didn’t hang around long thank goodness!


As the boats and floats wound around the water ways and under our bridge, we had a good view to see the lights, and sing along with the bands!


The fire twirlers filled me with happy memories of going to watch friends perform. The smell of the kerosene brought a smile to my face


Santa made an appearance and waved to the crowd while wishing us all a Merry Christmas.


The parade came to its conclusion with a boat that had red and green lasers pointed at mirror balls. It was a sight to see all those pinpoints reflected onto all the canal houses!


The photo doesn’t really do it justice, so I got footage for you! (I love you all that much!)

But before you watch it, I’m going to issue a seizure warning. It’s got a steady flash to it if you’re susceptible to such things.

The one thing we both forgot (or didn’t think about) was to take tripods to hold the cameras still for really low light shots! (There is a multitude of fuzzy photos which will never see the light of day!)

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