Amsterdam. Level, Property Ownership; ACHIEVED!!!

That’s right! Not only have we bought our first property, we’ve bought it in Amsterdam! We signed the paperwork on Friday and then went out for a celebratory lunch of traditional Dutch croquettes (giant bitterballen ) and frietjes.


Those of you following along on Twitter will have seen the pictures posted on Saturday of our new balcony view …


original 1930’s fireplace …


and my new shower curtain! (so very me!!!)


But on Sunday the fun really began, as we headed out furniture shopping! Now, our stuff (which we have been parted from for nearly five months now) will be arriving on Tuesday. But we left a fair whack of stuff behind for many reasons. So now, we get to replace some of it with stuff that will fit where we will now be settling in.

We began by looking at bookshelves,


and desks,


before moving on to dining tables,


comfy chairs,



then there was this gorgeous side table,


and of course, couches.



So much to choose from! So many design decisions! And none of it needs to be bought immediately. We can take our time making our house, our home.

This will be our sixth move to our seventh residence of 2012. Wish us luck!

8 thoughts on “Amsterdam. Level, Property Ownership; ACHIEVED!!!

    1. WHEE!!! 😀 Thank you!

      Yes and no. Yes, I want the chair. No, it won’t fit. (It would also need to be better quality! ;))

      I’m trying to convince Himself on the fluffy couch. But he’s afraid we’d lose the cats, and find them when we sat on them, when we had butts full of flailing claws 😉

  1. Congratulations!!!! The bookshelves made me drool — always wanted ones like those, but sadly, we’ve no space to put them. 🙂 The fluffy couch looks very nice, but I can understand the concern about losing the cats in there… Then again, maybe the cats won’t like the couch and will leave it alone? Unlikely, but one can dream, right? 🙂

    1. Thank you! 🙂 It’s a wonderful apartment! We’re having a ball settling in! We’re still in the process of looking at furniture. There’s so much to choose from, and we’ll need to save up for each piece. But I’ll keep you informed!

      Hey, it’s ok 🙂 I don’t expect people to read it all 🙂 You’re allowed a life of your own! 😉

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