Natura Artis Magistra – the Artis Royal Zoo, located in Amsterdam. That was where we decided to spend the last Sunday in August. In the intermittent rain.


I had wanted to go to Artis almost since we first arrived in Amsterdam. Having lived nearby and at one point taking the cats to the Vet opposite, it had been tormenting me ever since.

When we woke up on Sunday and there was yet more rain forecast, I looked at Himself and declared that I’d be willing to dress for the weather just to get there finally! Thank goodness that he is as open to adventure as I am! Off we went with umbrella and raincoat stowed safely in the backpack.

It didn’t take long for the first of several downpours. This one happened as we were nearby the Reptile House, and in we went.


We were reminded that we will need to look up the laws on snake ownership in the Nederlands for our next pet adoption.

Another happened as we were encountering the Lemurs in Lemur Land. You can actually get close and interact with them! Although, at one point all anyone wanted was to be under the umbrella, out of the rain! We all crammed in there together.


Zebras are not wet weather animals. They told me.


With another downpour we were at the Aquarium which is housed within the same park. How cool is that?!? This wee froggy stole my heart! He was about the size of the nail on my little finger.


I guess it makes complete sense that if you have a big cat enclosure, then you’d have a resident taxidermist as well. I wouldn’t want to say good bye either.


I swear these sea urchins wanted to try out to be soot sprites from Studio Ghibli.


The Koi pond will always hold a special attraction for me.


I saw my first ever racoon! And Oh My Goodness! Can you stand the cuteness?!?


My first ever sloth! I like sloths. Always have. Don’t know why.


There seemed to be baby animals all over the zoo. Baby gorillas, baby sharks, a baby giraffe, this baby elephant …


But of course, the best was saved ‘til last. As we were being kicked out of the premises as they had closed a half hour before …


the baby lion.

You can bet you britches that we’ll be going back to see all of the park we missed (and we were there for five hours), very shortly!

Hope you had a good weekend one and all!

7 thoughts on “Artis

    1. The rain can’t hurt you if you’re prepared for it. And there are so many animal houses to go in to get out of the rain anyway! 🙂

      Thanks! Next time I’ll take my big camera. This was just a reconnaissance mission. 😉

  1. had never noticed, but you’re absolutely right about the sea urchins’ resemblance of soot sprites. And the little wee (and probably poisonous?) froggie is adorable. Looks like a lovely trip, despite the rain.

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