Loving where we live

So much has happened, and continues to happen. Yet it’s all settling down and shuffling itself into a routine now. We both have local mobile numbers and Skype has been set up to keep in touch with those slightly further away.

Letters and postcards are being, and have been, sent to people we love, and with the abundance of beautiful cards available, will continue to be sent too! If you’re so inclined to return the gesture, leave me a message and I’ll email you our postal address! 😉

Himself heads off to the office each day, while I maintain house & home, and work at having merchandise in my store before it re-opens.

Things that continue to take my breath away and bring massive grins of disbelief to my face when I see them are the swans floating down the canals in the centre of town. Doing what swans do, just swanning around. Getting in the way of the boats.


There are so many little alleys to explore, all with hidden secrets and gems to be discovered.


So many times (to the frustration of Himself) we’ll be powering at speed down a street and I’ll stop and veer off to one side to get a closer look at a marionette,


some intricate masks,


or a shop where the entire theme is ROOD! (red) (I’ll take one of everything!!!)


I could spend a lifetime exploring these streets. Everyday there is something new and different to find, explore, and experience.

Oh! And I’ve been knitting too! I’m finally on the edging of the shawl I began on Boxing Day back in Robinsons Bay!


Just 44 more repeats to go!

8 thoughts on “Loving where we live

  1. woohoo,
    i would like to send you a post card, and some dollarians for exchange of woolie goodness!!

  2. ZOMG! You are in the Netherlands, doh!

    When we were there, I bought a box of C1000 Marokkaanse Munt thee. It was a random choice, but I love this stuff and there is nothing like it here.

    I wonder, if I Paypal-ed you money & postage, do you think you could send me a couple-five boxes? Just dump them out of the box & send them however is cheap? Email me (you are allowed to say no if it’s too much trouble!)

    It’s ridiculous how homesick looking across the canal makes me. If it had been me, back in my ancestors’ day, I would never have left!

    1. I thought I told you we were moving here! 😀 *hugs*

      Before I say yes, let me see if I can find it. I’m happy to do it, I just haven’t seen it anywhere. Do you remember where you got it? Or you you have a website perhaps?

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