A Month Later

It’s taken us a whole month, but we finally made it to not one Museum, but two! In the one day!

However, given that these were the Sex Museum and the Torture Museum …


And I don’t really want to lose my G rating …


There won’t be any photos of those.

Both museums were good, though I think you get more for your money out of the Sex Museum. Both were stark reminders that humans have been humans for thousands of years. In the case of the Sex museum that wasn’t a bad thing. In the case of the Torture museum it was just depressing. It was a good thing the Torture museum was so much smaller really … though three times the price!

The weather has finally been warming up and we have been increasing our wanderings accordingly. Front door steps and buildings are breaking out in wisteria and blossoms.



Any sign of sun and the locals take to the canals.


And all the trees are gearing up for Summer with stunning canopies of fresh bright new green leaves.


To celebrate our first month we headed out to dinner to one of the many steak houses in the area.


Good food in abundance really is a wonder of the modern world!

Have a wonderful week!

3 thoughts on “A Month Later

    1. The same as any other country in the developed world. Possibly better with all the farmers markets, though I don’t know if they run during winter. But the grocery store I go to here has the equivalent of what I was used to in Australia.

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