5 Mei – Liberation Day

As Himself and I wandered into our new favourite café,


we were informed that today is a Red Letter Day in the Dutch calendar. Liberation Day. Something to celebrate!

Some singers began what was obviously a traditional tune, and I have never so much wanted to instantly know the language as I did then. I hope to have it figured out in time for next year!


On the advice of our charming waitress we headed into the Dam where the Royal family had been just yesterday paying their respects, and presiding over the 2 minutes silence at 8pm for Rememberance of the Dead. But today there was bands and music and celebration!



This is the Palace. Now that the Fair Rides have gone I could finally get a better shot of it! I love the gilded horns of the unicorns.


At the other end of Dam Square is the National Monument.


Flowers at the base,


and the Royal Tribute.


As much as I’ll probably always hold ANZAC Day dear (I’ve known too many fighters not to), there is something very different about being able to celebrate no longer being an occupied territory.

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