Day Trip

I keep seeing signs that it really is Summer. Even if it often hasn’t felt like it.


Last Monday (part of the reason I missed a post) I went on a day trip up the Blue Mountains to see a dear friend of mine and have a good ol’ natter and a catch-up! The train trip is not short, as some of you will remember.


But I made the most of it. Then we hit up some of our favourite shops, drank coffee, and spent money.

For those not in the know. Last Monday up the hills, also looked like this.


That white stuff on the road, that’s hail.

And see this drain?


Well, then it rained enough that you didn’t see it anymore.


It was certainly an adventure!

But as always when I go up there, there were birds.


And this guy is the reason for the state of the railing!


Yes! You!


Sometimes I miss living up there. Sometimes I don’t. But that’s a whole other post 🙂

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