A last Wildlife Adventure for a little while

With our Annual Pass at its expiry date we packed up our bags and headed off for one last jaunt with the animals.

We were reminded why you need to be careful when hiking through the Australian bush.


We cracked jokes about Drop Bears, loudly, for the tourists’ benefit.


These guys were playing near the water as it was a warm day out!


According to the sign, this fella is the world’s deadliest bird. He also took issue with the nice man who was trying to clean his glass. Poor man *shakes head*


This half of the emblem could have been a taxidermy specimen! I swear he was moving around on the day! (Boing! Boing! Boing!)


And I’ll never forget having an emu steal my cheese sandwich when I was a child. Damn emu! *shakes fist*


Some types will ever be prone to playing up to the paparazzi.


And as we bid a fond farewell, we noticed Rex was enjoying some sun. One would almost swear he was waiting for someone, or something, to fall in.


Yes, you.


Yep. He’s awake alright! Just waiting for one small slip up!


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