Ghoti Travels Pt4

Yes we did it. We snorkeled on the outer Great Barrier Reef. Not only that, we did it on a day with a severe wind warning! Choppy doesn’t begin to describe the trip back! But the trip out was akin to the Manly Ferry going through the heads.

We went with Quicksilver to the Agincourt Reef, and I can’t recommend them highly enough!

As you step in the water is teeming with fish. Even on the steps off the pontoon!



Himself has an underwater camera, and mine was underwater equipped for the expedition.


What with the severe wind warning, the water was choppier than expected when you were out swimming in it!


But there was so much to see!



We only got out of the water long enough to eat lunch in the middle of the day, and while that settled did the tour on the semi-submersible. Only on that boat did we see a shark or sea turtle.



Before you knew it the horns were sounding to drag everyone in from the water to take the hour and a half long journey back to dock. But there was time to get submerged in one last fish feeding frenzy!


Just one more entry to come in the tales of our adventure!

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