Norton St

As is our habit, we enjoy trying lots of local businesses in an effort to both support them, and find a venue where we are comfortable spending hours (and sometime significant cash) at a stretch. There have only been a couple of places in the last seven-ish years that we’ve been on the search where things coalesced perfectly.. The first was Barzu on Norton St, which closed down. Then there was 2 Front Doors up the hill, which … closed down. We appear to have a new contender called Grind.

So far, on the plus sides they have amazing, friendly, prompt service. Good coffee (harder to find than you’d think in Leichhardt), and easily identifiable delicious food.


I just don’t feel comfortable pulling out the knitting and relaxing into sitting there for a few hours. Though it’s obvious a few of the other patrons can, and do!

They also have awesome brownies! This is a major positive!


I didn’t get a photo of the actual brownie, it disappeared too fast!

Next time we’ll sit upstairs and see what that’s like. Let’s hope it doesn’t close down!

4 thoughts on “Norton St

  1. Me thinks there is something you missed in the first paragraph, you found place one . . . it closed down, so you found place two . . . .and it closed down, and now you have just found place three and . . . . . .

  2. greetings,
    as the owner of one of the said establishments mentioned in your post, i can say with an absolute certainty, that you guys were welcome from day one!!
    start banter with new and funky establishments staff and owners, create the kind of warm friendship we have, and as long as you guys do your normal thing and order and re-order and re-order for your table, any employee/ owner whom complains about that is just silly and doesn’t deserve your moolah, nether lone friendship.
    from the 2FD guys hugs and furry emoticons

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