Lamb and Barley

This weekend I washed the curtains, sheets, mattress protector, towels, and all clothes that were waiting for a load of sufficient size to go through.

I have dusted, vacuumed, aired, bleached and scrubbed the interior of the house.

Saturday evening we went out to dinner at a friend’s house. *waves at the subscriber* We were fed Gumbo of Deliciousness, and may have shared the last of the snickerdoodles from last weeks baking whilst sipping down Black Russians.

I also found time to make this Lamb and Barley Stew on Saturday, for Sunday night’s dinner in the slow cooker.


I was a little worried that it wasn’t actually cold on Saturday, but I may have affected the weather by making this one, as Sunday was chill and raining! Perfect weather for this recipe!

The first step is a little fiddly, so make sure you have a sharp knife.


Then it’s all smooth sailing!



It may not look like much …


But it’s SO TASTY!


(Yes I could have ironed the placemats, but if I had you wouldn’t believe it was me)

I think the results speak for themselves!


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