Touching Base

I find that I have a compelling urge to do things that remind me of my past life in Sydney when I’m there. This trip one of the (many) things I was compelled to do was Wildlife World.

 photo IMG_1214_zpsm0ioc4ot.jpg

I have a lot of fun running around inside this small zoo in the centre of Darling Harbour, and this trip I was lucky enough to be able to share it with my brother and his kids.

 photo IMG_1203_zpsw73uow0j.jpg

I enjoy how close you can get to the animals, and the focus on Australian animals.

 photo IMG_1224_zpsvwkajmvj.jpg

This wee guy was such a cutie! They got him out to walk around in front of a group so we could watch him eat his ants without glass between us and him.

 photo IMG_1286_zpsa4e5jidy.jpg

There was definitely glass between this guy and us! Rex has always been one of my favourite animals, and though I know that he was injured and got rescued, I can’t help but think that an animal that large really needs more than a half sixe swimming pool to live in.

 photo IMG_3860_zpseki39klw.jpg

On our last day we managed to squeeze in a picnic at the Royal Botanic Gardens, where Pukeko could catch up with some of his relatives.

 photo IMG_3869_zpsymgnhjbx.jpg

This is something that we used to fit in every year at the beginning of January. It was a good way to spend time with friends that we hadn’t been able to see over the Christmas/New Year scramble.

 photo IMG_1367_zps6o4hxrmc.jpg

I now find it to be a wonderful battery re-charge. Sitting in a grand expanse of green garden, massive sprawling trees, and just over there *points* the great expanse of water.

 photo IMG_1347_zpsltijodhl.jpg

There aren’t trees like this in the Netherlands. It wasn’t something that I even considered that I would miss when thinking about moving country. But there you go. Trees and foliage are different the world over. I knew they were, even just traveling over New South Wales they are. But there you go, now I know.

 photo IMG_1383_zpslbaawonu.jpg

With a last glace at the QVB, all our shopping done, and bags packed, we headed off to Kingsford Smith airport, and the thirty hour flight.

 photo IMG_3903_zpsgsryn4ji.jpg

Home to the wrist surgery that was scheduled for shortly after our arrival home. Surgery that I’m happy to say was a complete success, and is now healing well!

3 thoughts on “Touching Base

  1. Yay for a wonderful trip. I’m glad to see you made it to visit your favourite haunts. Your comment about the tree really struck a chord — it’s curious the things you expect to miss and the things you miss unexpectedly!

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