It is rather beautiful to awaken on a bright crisp Sunday morning and realise that there was significant snowfall the previous night.

 photo ac3ae2e4-00d0-4ced-814d-9eb59120567c_zps6b3ad26a.jpg

It was a day for families to be out in Vondel Park, reveling in the rare sunshine to build snowmen,

 photo fb4046ba-6055-463c-b0e9-b5c61143a9cb_zps3b900ba3.jpg

throw some snow balls for the dog,

 photo cbb5eeb9-702e-4b39-b9e7-98c011a003da_zps63c84332.jpg

and this guy (and all the others out running) to make me feel completely slack in my fitness routine!

 photo b3c93dd4-c01b-4db9-abc6-f1cf3c49af04_zpsc2aaf15e.jpg

It was a glorious day, and a wonderful start to the week after a fairly quiet and tame weekend.

 photo 07cd0d04-2ef5-4214-9f2c-b0cd79ce70b1_zpsbc3f3752.jpg

What have you all been up to recently? Being productive? Or taking it slow and easy?

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