This morning I headed up the street to two of my favourite shops.

Beginning at Herbies; I bought a small jar of cloves for some planned gluhwein (I love winter!), and found a pre-mixed packet of “Itallian Herbs” which I bought to inspire me later in the week.

herbs and spices at Herbies

Herbies  makes the often intimidating world of spices not just approachable, but easy. They have an immense selection of individual spices for when you know what you want; and their pre-mixed packets that assist when you know what you want, but not how to get there, or if you’re just after a new taste sensation and don’t know where to begin. Then there’s the gift packs!

Spice boxes at Herbies

After tearing ourselves away from the heady scent from the large vase of cinnamon quills by the door, we wandered up the road to The Essential Ingredient.

Essential Ingredient

Your one stop shop for anything you need in the kitchen.

Essential Ingredient

Walking through this store reminds me of my childhood. Growing up with someone who loves to cook, instilled in me a fascination, and respect for the magic that can occur at the hands of a master chef.

The have so many wonderful tools, implements, and gadgets! I’m sure I could find a use for them all in my kitchen!

And did I mention they also carry ingredients?

Essential Ingredient

I may not have been entirely successful in keeping my wallet ensconced in the depths of my bag!